What is managed maintenance?

Like any machine, computers need regular maintenance. Necessary updates are constantly being released, malware authors and scammers are becoming more creative and persistent, and just in the process of using your computer, it begins to run more and more slowly.

How many times have your business processes been halted in the middle of a busy day because of an intrusive, but long-overdue Windows update? How much work has been lost due to a failing hard drive, a spotty network connection, or a corrupted application?

Managed maintenance takes all of that responsibility out of your hands, allowing you to focus on the business of doing business.

How can our managed maintenance service help your business?

We’d like to introduce you to our flagship service, Vigilance Managed Maintenance™.

When you subscribe to our Vigilance Managed Maintenance™ service, you can leave the maintenance in our capable hands. With decades of experience in the industry, we’ve created an efficient system to keep your computers running as well as possible, and it is constantly being optimized and improved, with new features being added as fast as we can get them written and tested:

We apply all necessary Windows updates, but only after thoroughly testing them on our own systems (to catch the occasional buggy update). We don’t just update Windows though – we also have a list of over 150 different applications and frameworks that we keep up to date for you, with new applications and frameworks being added all the time!

We regularly monitor your physical storage to ensure that you don’t run out of valuable space. It happens more often than you might think, especially as solid state drives (SSDs) are becoming more widely used. We also scan the physical performance of the drive itself, tapping into the internal tests and logs that modern drives make accessible. Using that information, we can often predict a hard drive failure long before it occurs, and make the appropriate recommendations.

We remove unnecessary temporary files that help your computer run faster under normal circumstances, but if left unchecked, can rapidly get out of control, slowing your system down to a crawl in extreme cases. Since we handle the updates for you, there is no longer a need for many applications to start up automatically (Java and Adobe updaters, for example). We disable those unneeded applications, allowing your computer to boot into Windows much more quickly, while freeing up a good portion of your memory and processor for your own, intended use.

From the initial call, to onboarding, to billing, to the work itself, each account is assigned a single representative who will be familiar with your specific needs as a client, so you can say goodbye to those frustrating situations where you’re transferred from one help desk to another, describing your issue repeatedly, keeping your office’s swear jar overflowing in the process. Further, since part of our initial setup is to perform a site survey on your network, devices, and peripherals, the complete history of your system will be immediately accessible to your assigned technician.

We perform all maintenance operations after business hours, so you no longer have employees being paid while waiting around for their computers to become available. As long as your internet connection is stable, we can handle it after your offices are closed. When you and your employees arrive the next morning, you can feel confident that your computers will be ready to use, and of course, optimized for performance.

Vigilance Managed Maintenance™ subscribers enjoy all of these benefits for about a dollar per day per computer. Do the math yourself, and we think you’ll see that your peace of mind is worth far more than that. We specialize in businesses that are large enough to need a dedicated IT department, but are too small to afford one, and our rates are priced accordingly. Subscribers will also receive alerts for immediate issues that are encountered, and a detailed monthly health report of all computers in their system. See our More Services section to see how else we can help you.

If this sounds like a service that can benefit your business, contact us using the form below, email us directly, or you can text or call us.

Why Choose Us?

Computer is back from the doctors, is running like brand new, thanks to Omega Techware!

Donna, P.

Baltimore, MD

Finally back up and running, computer problems are all fixed thanks to Omega Techware!

Angel P.

Baltimore, MD

Thanks to Omega Techware for fixing my crashed laptop!

Harmony Q.

Baltimore, MD

Wow I really love the way my system is working now that you've de-bugged and restored my files! Thank you so much!!!

Kim B.

Baltimore, MD

I was told after 5 years a laptop needs to be replaced. Its only been a month since the wipe, but mine's running like a champ again.

Tim S.

Baltimore, MD

I got my babybackbabybackbabyback!! Thanks Omega Techware!! My laptop hacked up a FURBALL...ack! 🙂 -

Debbie H.

Baltimore, MD

Yep, my PC is working great ... you did a great job repairing it.

Rena D.

Baltimore, MD

Just got my desktop back, big big thanks to Jeremiah D. Seitz 'The PC Whisperer'! For all your computer needs he is the man!!

Davina L.

Baltimore, MD

I can testify, they do great work at a great price. They fixed my laptop and it has been running perfectly ever since. Use Omega Techware and don't waste your time or money with the bamboozling simpletons at [a certain national chain]. Word!

Derek P.

Baltimore, MD

"I've used Omega Techware for the past three years, with nothing but excellent results. They have maintained both my business and personal computers during this time with no problems or need to call more than once. This also is being accomplished while my business is closed."

Harold S.

Waldorf, MD

More Omega Techware services?

We’ve all been there. The Blue Screen of Death appears, your computer shuts down, and now it won’t even start. You worry about the data, and you may have been a little behind on your backups. We can get your data back in most cases, and if not, we have partnered with a specialty data recovery company. Whether it be a hard drive replacement, a cracked laptop screen, corrupted RAM, or any other issue, rest assured that we can help. We don’t mark up inventory, and our labor rates are very competitive.

You’re browsing the web and click the wrong link, or you open an email attachment from what appears to be a trusted sender, only to find it was an impostor. Not to worry! We have extensive experience in successfully removing malware. If you don’t have a preferred antimalware system in place, that’s ok too. We have partnered with several highly respected antimalware providers, allowing us to closely monitor your system for infections, perform regular updates and scans, and in most cases keep infections from settling in the first place.

If you choose to take advantage of our managed backup service, not only can we monitor the success or failure of your backup procedures, we can also initiate a manual backup from our end if necessary. This allows us to keep your valuable data saved in multiple locations with strong version control. Even the continually growing threat of a ransomware attack will have very little impact on your daily operations.

Have you ever forgotten your password, had difficulty configuring your email client, dealt with a flaky wi-fi connection, or experienced any other aggravating issues? We can help you there too, remotely in many cases, which saves you money as it reduces our travel time and overhead. For those issues that do require a service call, your technician will have the knowledge and experience to tackle a wide range of problems. As a bonus, Vigilance Managed Maintenance™ subscribers automatically receive a discount over our already low rates. Just contact us, and we will guide you to the best solution.

Hardware and maintenance aren’t our only qualifications. We also offer custom software development for small businesses, from desktop applications, to large-scale cloud-based hybrid solutions, to fully web-based business portals, all of which can go a long way towards simplifying your business operations.

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